At VAYO, we are driven by the science of vapor.

Since it is the vapor that you inhale and that delivers the satisfaction, it is vital for us to know exactly what our vapor contains. We share our knowledge with other scientists, public health organizations, and most importantly with you, allowing you to make informed decisions.

  1. WE ONLY USE HIGH-PURITY INGREDIENTS Our Vayo e-Liquid contains nicotine, water, glycerol and propylene glycol which are all pharmaceutical grade and sourced within the EU/USA. When it comes to our flavors, we only use EU/USA sourced food-grade flavorings, which are stable when vaporized. Purity for us is about what goes into our e-Liquids, and about what comes out in the vapor.
  2. OUR INGREDIENTS, DEVICES AND RESULTING VAPOUR ARE ANALYSED FOR POTENTIAL RISKS. A toxicological risk assessment is carried out on every ingredient and the vapor produced during use. A team of professional toxicologists with our manufacturing partners carries out the assessments, which are then reviewed by senior scientist panel and independent parties
  3. WE CHECK THE MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL SAFETY OF OUR VAYO PRODUCTS. All our VAYO devices have been designed with safety in mind and have been CE certified and assessed by an independent third party. Our devices are compliant with the General Product Safety Directive, the Restriction on the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances Directive, the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive and the Battery Safety Testing. The safety features in all our VAYO devices are there to prevent product damage, overheating, fire and risk of electrical shock.
  4. WE ENFORCE STRICT MANUFACTURING PROCESSES AND DETAILED QUALITY CONTROLS. Every single device is checked before it is packed and shipped out. We check the quality at every stage of production.

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